what do we do?
  • Carpets are our specialty, using industrial carpet extractors, we can remove dirt that you didn’t even know was there!

  • We provide the quick and easy answer to construction clean-ups, or real estate preparations.

  • Using industrial floor buffers, we can shine up or take care of bad spots on finished and unfinished floors.

  • Whether stripping and waxing or applying finish for the first time, we can provide superb results that gleam and stand up to the test of time.



Cleanliness is our goal

We use modern methods and techniques to deliver the job you want and create the environment that you need.


We are an ambitious, young company based in Whitehorse, Yukon.
We specialize in both industrial and residential cleaning services of all types.
Whether you need a professional floor finish application or just simple dusting of furniture,
we will exceed all your expectations!
At cody’s cleaning services we take pride in our work, and aim to please you, the customer.
Basically we love business, and cleaning is our business!











Meet the man

Cody Morrison is the owner and proprieter of cody’s cleaning services.
A young entrepreneur, he pushes his team forward and makes sure that
the job is done right every time.

“- I love business!, I have built my business around three core fundamentals: Integrity, reliability and communication.
I personally feel these three components make up an honest, affordable and hard working company.
Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss anything. Thanks and keep the Yukon rocking”.
- Cody

Our client said:

“Cody’s Cleaning Services provided us with reliable, quality work every time we hired them”

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